Play our music in your streams for free on Twitch, Mixer and DLive

Updated: Jun 15

Are you streamer on Twitch, Mixer or DLive? We regularly get questions whether our music can be played during streams on these platforms. We are happy to announce that we will from now on allow free use of our music on these platforms as long as the guidelines below are followed. This applies to both monetized and non-monetized streams.

You are eligible to play our music for free in the background of your streams if:

  • Your stream is not a music radio or playlist

  • The stream is on Twitch, Mixer or DLive

  • You don't play the music from these videos: Music not included

  • Clips from the stream featuring our music are not shared outside of the platforms mentioned above

Happy streaming!

Do I have to give you credits for the music?

If you play more than one of our tracks during your stream, please provide credits for the music either in the description or directly on the screen. The credits can be as simple as this:

Background music by Peder B. Helland.

If you want, you can also state that you have permission from Soothing Relaxation:

Background music by Peder B. Helland, used for free with permission from

Why can’t I include your music in my YouTube or Facebook streams?

Due to different copyright systems on these services, we do not have the possibility to offer free or even paid use of our music in livestreams on these platforms as of now. This is because we cannot guarantee that you won’t experience copyright issues by doing so.

Can you add another livestream service to the list of allowed services?

Possibly! Please let us know which service you are interested in and we'll consider it.