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Peder B. Helland's 'Thoughtful' Available for Free Licensing

We are excited to announce that the beautiful and peaceful track "Thoughtful" by the Norwegian composer Peder B. Helland is now available for free video licensing on our website

"Thoughtful" is a relaxing piece of music that features the soothing sounds of a piano, guitar, and cello. This track is perfect for creating a peaceful and calming atmosphere in any setting, making it ideal for use in short films and videos.

Whether you're a filmmaker, video editor, or just someone looking to add a calming touch to your personal video, "Thoughtful" might just be the perfect piece of music for you.

To access the track and all of our other free music tracks, simply head over to our website and start exploring. We are regularly adding new tracks by Peder B. Helland to our collection, so be sure to check back often for the latest updates.

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